Microsoft announces ‘Clutter’ for Office 365, a smarter Inbox



In Microsoft’s pursuit of making you more productive, they are re-thinking the traditional ways that we communicate, with email being at the center of this conversation. We’ve all been there before – our inbox is filled with content that isn’t important at this moment and trying to find the relevant information takes too much time.

To help make your inbox less of a mess and improve your productivity, Microsoft is announcing ‘Clutter’ that uses machine learning to help keep your inbox organized. By using Office Graph, Clutter can learn what types of emails you typically ignore and place them into sorted folders for viewing later.

You can watch the video at the top of this post to get a better idea of how Clutter work but the short of it is that, based on your habits, Clutter can learn what is junk and what is relevant. By bringing forward the relevant content and moving the noise to the background, Clutter could be a powerful tool in the workplace… provided it doesn’t hide relevant or urgent material.

More importantly, if Clutter can figure out how to deal with all those emails from folks hitting ‘reply all’ on company wide emails, that’s a win in our book.

Clutter is rolling out now but is disabled by default on all accounts, you have to manually turn it on from the options menu once your account receives the feature. Also, Clutter respects all existing rule sets that you have created.

Provided this feature works as advertised, it has the potential to help users stay on-top of their inbox, which would be a big win for productivity.