Microsoft releases Lync app for Windows 8.1

Over a year ago, Microsoft released a version of its Lync business messaging app for Windows 8 and RT. Today, the company released an update for the app that’s made to work just with the Windows 8.1 OS, adding new features compared to the old Windows 8 app.

The Lync blog goes over what’s new with the Windows 8.1 version, which includes the ability to answer voice and video chats from the lock screen. It also allows users in a Lync meeting who are sharing apps or screens to take control if the sharing of the content was begun by another meeting attendee.

The new version has a way to control the volume of a voice call, or even to mute it, from within the app that doesn’t affect the overall Windows volume. It also can be snapped side by side with other Windows 8.1 apps to any size in the window. An in-app contact search feature is now included and Microsoft says some improvements have been made for users to sign into Lync.

Microsoft continues to support the Windows desktop version of Lync, adding a number of new features to that client a few weeks ago.