Queensland Airports

Queensland Airports Limited is a regional airport specialist with an emphasis on creating significant regional airport development in Queensland. QAL is a 100% Australian owned, Queensland based company and owns and operates Gold Coast, Townsville and Mount Isa Airports.

As a group we are passionate about finding innovative ways to achieve sustainable passenger growth that will not only benefit shareholders but benefit the regional communities we serve, our environment and business partners. QAL needed to identify passenger movement through each airport so that all our ancillary services including car parking, shopping etc could be capacity planned around the customer. We also needed to tie the information to growth and forecasting so that we could get our financials and budget projects driven with some certainty and predictability. In order to do this we contracted with leading Business Intelligence Specialists Apache.

Based in Queensland, Apache is a Microsoft Gold Partner and had delivered a number of BI solutions across a number of industries.

Phase 1 included migrating existing passenger data to a Data Warehouse. This is a structured storage area for data from multiple databases across the operation.

Apache used a full suite of Microsoft products to give management access to the right information in the right format at the right time. These included SQL Database, SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services and Excel.

We can now measure the impact of growing passenger traffic on the services we are providing and as a result implement improved planning for our growth.

The reporting solution enabled us to reduce the number of applications we use to manage operations. This resulted in lower ongoing license fees and support costs. It also enabled us to streamline reporting operations and access information across multiple databases for improved decision support.