OfficeSpace Software is a complete solution for the allocation and management of company workspaces. We alleviate the challenges currently faced by office administrators, and empower organizations to capture more value from existing resources.

OfficeSpace Software takes a fresh, novel approach to office space allocation and management and provides real value to organizations by improving company-wide communications and realizing significant savings both in space utilization and in office administration costs.

The Challenges

OfficeSpace Software was designed with the following challenges in mind:

  • Office administrators typically rely on time-intensive processes to manage employees. This includes utilizing paper-based records and physically scouting a workspace to determine its availability and attributes.
  • Employees – and departments – often move from facility to facility. Human Resources, Information Technology, Facilities and Telecom departments all need to be notified and coordinated to avoid inaccuracies and delays.
  • Frequent employee moves make it difficult to maintain up to date company directories.
  • Office administrators are forced to rely on ad hoc solutions to track and manage facilities. These solutions often are inaccessible to others and are error-prone.
  • Utilization reports that are necessary for making effective decisions on space allocation are costly to produce and consequently requested sparingly.
  • Employees have difficulty finding co-workers and company resources (printers, conference rooms etc.) resulting in reduced productivity throughout the organization.

The Solution

  • OfficeSpace Software provides a complete solution for the allocation and management of company workspaces. Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly web-based interface built with cutting edge technology, OfficeSpace offers administrators a powerful visual tool with which to effortlessly manage employee moves and to accurately track cubicles, rooms and spaces with all their related asset and attribute information. Whether managing day-to-day employee relocations or planning large-scale organizational moves, OfficeSpace will reduce costs and bring a whole new level of efficiency to your organization.