All In One Product

Is it working for you? An all-in-one product may seem like a great idea, until you commit to one. We prefer to focus on a sweet spot of office space management and do that incredibly well.

The all-in-one approach

Back-breaking implementations

With a typical IWMS, implementations can take months, if not years. And all of this before you can determine if the product is really worth the investment.

Are you “certified”?

How well can you use your IWMS? If you need to attend software school to be able to use your software effectively, it is likely too complex. How many of its pricey features are you really using? Even with a degree from IWMS-U, most end up only using a small subset of features.

Risky business

IWMS licensing and implementation costs run high. Even subscription based systems are typically accompanied by large upfront costs and long term commitments. So by the time you are in a position to assess the return on your investment, it’s already too late.

The OfficeSpace advantage

Record-breaking implementations

We’ve built a tremendous amount of out of the box flexibility to allow rapid client deployments. We can have you up and running in days, so you can spend more time managing your business and less time managing your software.

Don’t miss a beat

OfficeSpace Software is powerfully simple to use: our emphasis on user experience ensures that you can hit the ground running with minimal instruction. Functionality is our middle name!

Proof is in the pudding

Our affordable, cancel anytime SaaS licensing minimizes any upfront risk and lets you comfortably evaluate firsthand our solution’s real value to your organization.