April 13th Cloud Computing

Its friday? That went quick!,
Today we progress into the planning and development of AIA Training’s Sharepoint which will be customized to their needs,
From the basics such as what colour the site will be, what links will be on the site, right down to the security,

When planning a sharepoint site we get the full picture to ensure that our clients needs are met,
There is a lot of planning that needs to go behind a sharepoint site, to ensure that each and every business ends up with site that works for them,
No two sharepoint sites are excatly the same,

Tonight we will also run the sharepoint backup process for MISSO and Strategic, a process which has been developed by our head techs that will grab a fortnightly snapshot of your sharepoint site,

Also on the cards is Anntek who will start to begin the sharepoint process next week, We’ve had a few teething issues here due to a few dns changes not being applied correctly,
But we are finally on track and will be ready to begin the sharepoint rollout process shortly.

Apache is also proud to annouce that we have just signed up our first Not for Profit organisation, Community Solutions,
This process is not the same process as a regular sign up as the application needs to be approved by Microsoft and Telstra to ensure that the organisation qualifies for the discount pricing,

Is your business a charity or a not for profit? We at Apache can help walk you through the Office 365 qualifiying process,

Here at Apache, we understand our clients needs and therefore we design your sharepoint exactly to suit your needs,
If you would like to know more about our sharepoint packages and what we have to offer,
Drop me an email Richard@apache.com.au or give us a call today on our Toll Free Number 1-800-858-674