Contact suggestions and flight details coming to and Outlook on the Web in 2016

Microsoft has been regularly updating its email services for quite some time, and now the company has announced two more features that users can expect to hit and Outlook on the Web starting in 2016.

Recently, Microsoft rolled out the ability to store emails directly to OneNote, and the @Mentions feature is yet to roll out completely, but that hasn’t stopped the company from announcing a smarter address book and the events from email feature that will be part of the upcoming update and Outlook on the Web.

With the smarter address book, users will no longer need to worry about mistyping their contacts’ email addresses or names, as Outlook will bring up suggestions as soon as the user clicks on ‘To’ or ‘Cc’. According to Microsoft, the system is so smart that it will suggest a similar sounding name out of your frequent contacts even if the spelling is completely different. For example: A frequent contact called “Kathryn” will be suggested even if the typed name is “Catherine”. In case the user mails a group of people on a regular basis and forgets to add someone from the group, their name will be suggested as well.

Apart from the contact suggestions, Microsoft will also be introducing the “Events from email” feature, which will allow users to add their flight timings to the calendar without doing anything extra. Outlook will add flight details as a calendar event automatically once the user receives a flight confirmation email. The feature will be enabled by default once it rolls out but users will be able to turn it off by disabling “Events from email” under Settings.

The “Events from email” will be the first to roll out starting in January 2016, while the smarter address book will be coming out a bit later in March. All existing Office 365 subscribers with Outlook on the Web along with users will be getting these features. Additionally, the mobile apps on Android and iOS will also be updated once the roll out on the web is completed.