Custom Application

Everyone loves to build something. Until they do it. Your company built you a product. They linked your floor plans to a database and connected it with your employee directory. Let’s just say it’s not ideal.

The do-it-yourself approach

Competing priorities

Building, managing, updating and supporting your own facilities management software is just one of many competing priorities for your company. This often results in a neglected product that in turn neglects your requirements.

Settling for a somewhat faster horse

Henry Ford famously said that if he had asked people what they wanted, they would have said faster horses. Knowing your pain points is only the first stage of problem solving: it takes dedicated and specialized resources to design a solution that transcends the problem and takes you to another level.

There’s always a price tag

When you add it all up, the real development and opportunity cost of a homegrown product can often outweigh the cost of acquiring a proprietary solution. And by the time you are in a position to assess the return on your investment, it’s already too late.

Are you better off alone?

Can you rely on a nominally supported in-house application to meet your dynamic facility management requirements? Are you getting the support you need to get the job done? Is it going to keep pace with industry trends such as flexible working? Will it integrate seamlessly with other applications?

The smarter, easier way to manage

This is what we do

With a singular focus, we are able to deliver a brilliant product coupled with stellar customer support. So you can spend more time managing your facility and less time managing your software.

Level up!

With OfficeSpace you can immediately benefit from the combination of our designs and expertise together with the collective experience and feedback of all of our clients. And of course we welcome your feedback. Partner with us and share your experience!

Affordable and risk free

Our affordable, cancel anytime SaaS licensing minimizes any upfront risk and lets you comfortably evaluate firsthand our solution’s real value to your organization.

We’ve got your back

Our SaaS approach ensures that you continue to benefit from product improvements. Equally important, our dedicated customer support will guarantee that you are always getting the most out of our product.