IE 11 Release Preview for Windows 7 now available

Microsoft has released a release preview of IE 11 for Windows 7 and you can download the updated build of the platform using the source link below.

To install IE 11 on Windows 7, you must have SP1 installed on your machine, but this will likely not be an issue for many users as this service pack has been out for some time.

IE 11 brings with it improvements to the browsing experience that will help display modern browsers without heavily taxing your system. If you want a closer look at what IE 11 will bring, you can read our recap of the features, here.

Internet Explorer 11 is Microsoft’s latest browser that is included with Windows 8.1 and eventually available through Windows Update for Windows 7. With strong competition from Chrome and Firefox, Microsoft has revamped its roll-out strategy for the browser to adopt the company’s rapid release cycle to help it remain competitive in the marketplace.

As with any beta software, installing non-RTM software on a production machine should be done so with caution.