Manual Process

Your time is worth more than you think. Sure, primitive tools can work. But at what cost? We think your time is best spent on the important stuff. Not on grunt work made worse by cumbersome tools.

The Primitive Way

A hodgepodge of makeshift tools

Using ad-hoc tools (paper documents, floor plan files, spreadsheets) to manage seat allocations, moves, and manually generate facility reports is an inefficient use of your time.

Can you trust your numbers?

Tracking changes in your dynamic facilities using manual, static processes is a never-ending task. Information quickly becomes stale, and there’s lots of room for error.

Poorly utilized data

Setting aside data tracking challenges, it’s often equally painful and cumbersome to make use of static data. Oftentimes it’s easier to find where a co-worker sits by walking the floor rather than browsing those old PDF floor plans posted on the company intranet.

Reporting blues, messy numbers

Generating reports involves painstaking data gathering and reconciliation from multiple disparate sources. Throw discrepancies and errors into the mix, and it becomes increasingly difficult to produce, much less rely on reports.

The Smarter Way

A single, dedicated platform

OfficeSpace’s suite of tools works seamlessly together so you can focus on more valuable projects, not maintaining dozens of files and counting spaces on floor plans.

Reliable, real-time big data, 24hrs / 365 days

An exceptional user experience makes tracking changes and keeping your data accurate and up-to-date easy work. Real-time big data, means real-time decision making, saving you valuable time.

Company-wide benefits

Our client-branded Visual Directory® lets everyone in your organization find co-workers and resources with a few keystrokes. Set it loose in your organization, stand back, and enjoy the accolades.

Real-time business intelligence

Let OfficeSpace transform your raw data into meaningful reports that help drive your facility management decisions. Did we mention our reports are real-time? Move an employee on the floor plan and everything is updated instantly.