Maxon Australia is the only Australian manufacturer of industrial grade 3G/4G modems and routers for the machine to machine market (M2M) and one of the largest suppliers of these devices in Australia.

Maxon distributes these products to an enviable list system integrators and industrial corporates for mission critical applications in the energy sector, water, mining, rail, telecommunications, fleet management, agriculture just to name a few. Managing these clients is a mammoth job.

At Maxon innovation is not a luxury it’s a necessity, we have to stay on the cutting edge of technology, our industry and our competitors are a constantly evolving we live in a competitive space, staying ahead of the game is not an option.

When we decided we needed to upgrade our internal systems it was a not a decision we took lightly, we needed to get on the front foot like we did with our cutting edge products, we needed to become agile and mobile with staff and clients located throughout Australia and a global network of resellers and customers we had to make a big change in the way we did things. We needed flexibility and online real time 24 hour access to our information and our systems.

Upgrading was a task we never underestimated so the search began for someone who could not only upgraded us but to help us design

the systems that kept us ahead of the game, we found Apache and the change to our business has been revolutionary to say the least. Moving to the Cloud with Office 365, the implementation of MS Lync and Sharepoint have enabled us to save significant costs, a reduction of 60% in maintaining internal IT systems saving us over $200,000 per year.

Moving to the Cloud with Office 365 and the addition of MS Lync and Sharepoint have made our systems more reliable and available, access to information is faster and available 24/7 and our internal communication has improved dramatically with the implementation of Lync – and costs have come down.

We will see an ROI after implementation of Office 365, Lync and Sharepoint in less than 9 months, the cost of maintaining our systems are less than half and we always have the latest office products without the huge capital expense of upgrading licences and the costs of maintaining servers and backups.

As part of our future focus moving to a Cloud based business was a priority to ensure we stayed ahead of the game and our competitors, we have achieved this through the guys at Apache.

Dean Egan
General Manager
Maxon Australia