Microsoft lifts lid on full Office 365 roadmap

Microsoft has lifted the lid on its Office 365 for business roadmap, something that many of its customers have been asking for.

Divided into four categories are most (though not all) of the features Microsoft intends to launch, roll out, develop (or cancel) on Office 365.

Some are minor (like an update to OneNote for iOS) while others like Office Graph could have a major impact on user interaction.

Improved visibility

The move puts Microsoft on par with Google, which has been publishing a Google Apps Release Calendar for a while.

Jake Zborowski, group product manager for Office 365, stated that the public roadmap “provides a few months’ view of new features, enhancements, and major updates”.

Office 365 admins can also add users to a new program called First Release that will allow them to get new features weeks ahead of other Office 365 customers.

However, the program won’t be available for Office 365 Home, Personal and University users.

Microsoft recently announced big changes to its OneDrive service, which sees non-business customers get 1TB of free storage per seat as well as 15GB of free cloud storage.