Microsoft Preps Customers for Office 365 Service Upgrade

If you were an existing user of Office 365 before the recent and massive upgrades, as I was, you may have questions about when your accounts will be updated to the new versions of the services and, when applicable, the Office desktop applications. To help customers understand and schedule this transition, Microsoft has created Office 365 Service Upgrade Center portals for both small businesses and enterprises.

Here are links to the two portals:

Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Small Business

Office 365 Service Upgrade Center for Enterprise

You should already have received an email from Microsoft—or soon will—explaining the update. “The Office 365 service upgrade coming in 2013 is bringing exciting new capabilities to your organization,” the email reads. “You will get broader support for mobile phones and tablets, a unified user experience in the browser, social networking, and more.”

According to Microsoft, users will be able to access all of their Exchange and SharePoint data during the transition and Small Business customers in particular won’t need to do anything to prepare for the update. Enterprise customers can postpone the service upgrade for a minimum of two months if they need more time to prepare.

If you’re concerned about the upgrade or have questions, be sure to check out the Service Upgrade Resources and Welcome Kit as well.