Microsoft shows off Continuum in new ad


For a mere $99, you can turn your new smartphone running Windows 10 Mobile into a pseudo PC. The feature, called Continuum, has now been shown off by Microsoft in a new (leaked) ad.

The ad goes over what Continuum is and how it works. By connecting your phone to a second screen through the Microsoft Display Dock, you can use your apps in a similar manner to the PC. This is, of course, possible due to the Universal Windows Platform as the app’s UI is resized to fit the larger screen. Connect a mouse and keyboard you’ve almost got a PC on your hands.

The ad also mentions the fact that you can simultaneously keep using your smartphone – and even receive calls when doing so.

For the new generation of mobile-only users, this feature not only sets Windows Mobile apart from competing operating systems but also serves an important function, allowing them to be productive on the same device that they usually use to connect with friends and watch cat videos. Whether it really takesoff and gives Microsoft’s mobile platform the push it so desperately needs remains to be seen but OEMs are, at least, warming up to the idea.