Microsoft’s newest Test Drive demos show off editing features in IE11

While we wait for Microsoft to pull the trigger on the final version of Internet Explorer 11 for Windows 7, Windows 8.1 users can go ahead and check out the newest features in Microsoft’s web browser. That includes some new support for editing web-based email and documents within IE.

In a new blog post this week, Microsoft goes over some of the details of those new editing features. One of them is that IE11 is the first web browser to support both pasting images directly from clipboard and pasting HTML code that incorporates local images. Microsoft says that either DataURI or Blob can be used to encode these images. It has even set up a Paste Image Test Drive web demo, shown above, to show how IE11 compares to other web browsers by paste images with either one of those methods.

IE11 also allows users to paste and edit lists inside the web browser from applications like Microsoft Word. The blog states, “IE11 recognizes that the formatted text contains a list and converts it into a real HTML list … ” IE11 also supports better undo features within a browser-based application, and again the IE team has set up an Undo Test Drive page to showcase those features.