Office for Android updated with Dropbox integration

If you’re an Office user on Android your life just got a tiny bit better as Microsoft has pushed out a new update to its suite. The latest version brings better OneDrive sharing alongside Dropbox support which is a huge bonus for many Android users.

First up you can now share files directly through OneDrive and OneDrive for business. How? By sharing the links for those files via e-mail. Users now can hit the “email as link” button and recipient will receive a OneDrive link that lets them view or edit the file in question. It’s also a great way to stay clear of e-mail attachments.

Secondly, thanks to Microsoft’s recent partnership with Dropbox, Android Office users can now take advantage of that service. Users will be now be able to add Dropbox as an online storage location, to access their Dropbox documents directly via Office and to share files through Dropbox.

While this partnership between Microsoft and Dropbox may seem counterintuitive at first, it’s just one example of the new Microsoft that aims to have its services everywhere its clients are.


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