Office Space Moves & Reporting

  • The way businesses use office space

    is changing, but not necessarily shrinking

    to the extent that many people believe,

    according to experts in space utilisation

    and planning at JLL Project and Development Services,

    a division of global professional services

    firm Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL).

    While some companies are definitely seeking

    to reduce their space, many are simply swapping

    “me” space for “we” space. Individual footprints

    are smaller, but spaces meant to be common,

    collaborative, or for clients are increasing, thus

    reversing the percentages allocated to each, explains JLL.

    As an example, the company notes that for one

    international high-tech client the amount of space

    they formerly had was approximately 70 percent

    employee allocated and 30 percent customer/collaborative.

    Their new space is exactly the opposite in allocation,

    but the total space remains consistent.

    Allocating workspace in today’s dynamic business

    environment is a challenge. How do you manage

    moves and shifting workgroups — never mind

    track the phones, computers and copiers your

    staff rely on everyday? OfficeSpace Software provides

    these solutions.

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