OfficeSpace & Space Management

Space Management

Space Management is a comprehensive

system for centralising and storing real

time information about the building(s)

and space to be managed along with

the groups and people that occupy them.

Instead of walking the hallways and floors

to double check your data or see where

people sit, you can work with departmental

liaisons to keep the space and occupancy

data accurate and up-to-date. OfficeSpace

will integrate seamlessly with HR databases

or Active Directory, allowing occupancy

information to be quickly updated. This

dramatically reduces the efforts needed to

manually enter information/data from other

resources while greatly increasing data accuracy.

The visual directory view makes it easy to view

and share information in a Web-browser, enabling

an overall look into the organisations entire

portfolio and giving access to critical facilities data

enterprise-wide. Information tracked includes:

. Assignable areas by space, floor, building and site

. Space types

. Space standards

. Building codes

. Building addresess

. Employee contact and location information

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