Stay Up to date with RSS feeds in SharePoint

To create and receive alerts for a list or library:

1. In the list or library where you want to create the alert, click the Library or List tab on the Ribbon.

2. In the Share & Track group, click Alert Me and then click Set alert on this library. (In a list, the command will say Set alert on this list.)

3. On the New Alert page, in the Alert Title section, change the title for the alert if you want. The title appears in the subject line of the alert email message and is also used for managing alerts.

4. In the Delivery Methods section, select the method of delivery you want for your alerts.

5. If the Change Type section is available, choose the types of changes that you want to be notified about.

6. In the Send Alerts for These Changes section, specify whether you want to be alerted for all types of changes, or for specific changes, such as when anything changes or only when someone changes an item that you created or recently changed.

7. In the When to Send Alerts section, choose how frequently you want to receive the alerts, such as immediately or in a daily or weekly summary, and at what day or time.

8. Click ok