Windows 10: Cortana gets refined, adds “Hey Cortana” feature

A couple weeks ago, we got an early look at Cortana in Windows 10 and thanks to the new leak ofWindows 10 build 9901, we have a lot more to share about the new feature.

As you can see from the images in this post, in build 9901, Cortana is much more refined in her appearance and she appears to be more responsive on our install. More so, we can also dig into the settings of the feature and gain a better understanding of where the feature is headed.

For starters, the “Hey Cortana” feature that allows you to use the assistant without manually triggering the application, will be coming to the desktop. By simply saying “Hey Cortana”, this triggers the feature and allows you to interact with the personal digital assistant and use all of her features, hands-free.

The feature is turned off by default but as you can see in the image on the right, you can turn it on if you would like.

As you would expect, all of the features from Windows Phone are showing up in the desktop version like notebook, flight tracking and your home and work location features. Compared to what we saw earlier this month, this version of Cortana has come a long way in refinement.

You can check out the gallery below of more images of Cortana and all that she can do, as of right now, in Windows 10.

We are still digging around in build 9901 but if you find anything new, make sure to send us a tip.