Work on documents stored in the cloud, even when you’re offline

Office 365 has opened up a new way of working for people across industries. Whether you’re a road warrior or someone who likes to work from a coffee shop, there are generally two variables completely out of your control: power outlets and internet access. While we can’t solve for the number of power outlets at an airport or coffee shop, we have built SharePoint Online for easy offline access to documents. As customer Hermi Valk, owner ofBabyBloem, said, “[With Office 365] our productivity follows us wherever or however we want to work.”

Part of the Office 365 suite, SharePoint Online is a tool for document collaboration and sharing. With MySite, a feature of SharePoint Online, you can store documents and then work on them on or offline. Once you reconnect to the internet all of the changes are automatically synchronized.

Watch the video below and learn from Ben Tamblyn, senior product manager for SharePoint Online at Microsoft, about working offline with SharePoint Online and Office 365.

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