About us

Incorporated in 1998, Apache is a MIcrosoft “Sofware as a Service (SaaS) Only” consulting company.  We provide clients with the opportunity to increase profits through the adoption of the latest Microsoft SaaS Solutions. Apart from introducing you to the most integrated enterprise solutions on the market, Microsoft has delivered it all for you to consume on in their SaaS platform.  Apache aims to address business pain points rather than try to just sell product.

Imagine “Customer Orders” to “Invoicing” with every step in between addressed with automation. Customers, Vendors, Contractors, Agreements, Work Orders, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Inventory, Invoices, Warehousing, Manufacturing, Communication, Customer Relationships, HR everything built to integrate. Wrap Approvals, Compliance Management, Risk Management, ISO, Process Automation, Records Management and Security around the core Financial requirements of a business and you get a solution that delivers measurable outcomes.

We all know the saying “Times Money”.   You should know exactly what your business  roles are and how much their time is worth. It’s  easy to justify Automation when you can quantify savings, even before you look at the upside of increased revenue that being truly scale-able can deliver.

SaaS is here now and it is an enterprise grade, consumption model, off balance sheet, evergreen, integrated, mobile technology solution you can start running up within minutes..  SaaS provides the ability to sample these solutions immediately so you can see and start playing with the tools with no upfront costs.   Ask us to introduce your organisation to the power of SaaS, Whether you to address Risk, Compliance, Governance, Quality, Contract Management, Process Automation, Finance and Technology Apache will help you on the journey of Automation.