Cloud Services top 10 frequently asked questions

Top 10 questions you should always ask your cloud service provider

  • Data ownership: Who owns the data I put in your service?
    Office 365 answer: As described on the Privacy page, you own your data.
  • Data location: Where is my data located?
    Office 365 answer: The Data maps page describes how your location determines the primary storage location of your data.
  • Security: How is my data protected from external attacks?
    Office 365 answer: The Security page and the Security white paper describe the Office 365 approach to security.
  • Data portability: Can I get my data out of your service whenever I want?
    Office 365 answer: Yes. The Data portability page describes how you can download a copy of all of your data at any time and for any reason, without any assistance from Microsoft.
  • Data privacy: Will you use my data to build advertising products?
    Office 365 answer: No. The How we use your data page shows you that Office 365 does not scan your email or documents for advertising purposes.
  • Communication: Will you tell me if things change, and will you tell me if my data is compromised?
    Office 365 answer: Yes. The Communications section of the Trust Center describes how we communicate to you. We promptly notify you if your data has been accessed improperly.
  • Trust: Are you transparent with the way you store, use, and access my data?
    Office 365 answer: Yes. The Transparency page explains that you know where your data resides, who at Microsoft can access it, and what we do with that information internally.
  • Contractual obligation: Do you put these commitments in writing?
    Office 365 answer: Yes. The Independently verified page describes how Office 365 is willing to sign with each customer a data processing agreement, security amendment, HIPAABusiness Associate Agreement, and the EU Model Clauses.
  • Availability SLA: What are your commitments regarding keeping my service up?
    Office 365 answer: Office 365 offers 99.9% uptime via a financially backed service level agreement. The Office 365 Service continuity page and the Service Continuity white paper describe the Microsoft commitment to maintaining service availability.
  • Reliability: Are you backing up my data?
    Office 365 answer: Yes, we do replicate customer data. The Office 365 Service continuity pagedescribes how we always have multiple copies of your data.

Top 10 privacy and security features of Office 365

  • We restrict physical data center access to authorized personnel and have implemented multiple layers of physical security, such as biometric readers, motion sensors, 24-hour secured access, video camera surveillance, and security breach alarms.
  • We enable encryption of data both at rest and via the network as it is transmitted between a data center and a user.
  • We don’t mine or access your data for advertising purposes.
  • We use customer data only to provide the service; we don’t otherwise look in your mailbox without your permission.
  • We regularly back up your data to ensure reliability.
  • We won’t delete all the data in your account at the end of your service term until you have had time to take advantage of the data portability that we offer.
  • We host your customer data in-region.
  • We enforce ”hard” passwords to increase security of your data.
  • We allow you to turn off and on privacy impacting features to meet your needs.
  • We contractually commit to the promises made here with the data processing agreement (DPA). For more information about the DPA, visit the Data Processing Agreement section of theIndependently verified page.