Microsoft boosts per file upload limit for SharePoint Online to 2GB

Last week, Microsoft announced SharePoint Online admins, while using Office 365, could increase the default cloud storage space for SkyDrive Pro to as much as 100 GB. This week, the company revealed even more improvements to SharePoint Online that will be rolled out over the coming weeks.

In a post on the official Office blog, Microsoft said it has increased the per file upload limit from 250MB to 2GB in SharePoint Online. Users will also be able to upload more than one file at a time and more file types are now supported, including .exe and .dll files. Microsoft says:

For SharePoint Online, our telemetry shows that customers want to store these files in the cloud along with their other content. This change will eliminate a number of sync failures customers have seen due to unsupported file types.

Office 365 Enterprise customers have previously had a limit of 3,000 site collections per tenant; “site collections” are groups of organized websites, by the way. This week, Microsoft said those customers will soon see that limit increased to 10,000 site collections from within their SharePoint Online Admin center. The relationship threshold of list lookups will also go up from 8 to 12 relations.

Finally, SharePoint Online users will see an increase in the amount of time files will stay in all available recycle bins. Previously, files stuck around for just 30 days before they were deleted forever. Now, the recycle bin file time has been extended to 90 days.