Microsoft wants to help you take back control of your online personal information

Microsoft has been making efforts to show that the company is more concerned about the online privacy of its users than other companies. For example, it set “Do Not Track” as the default configuration on Internet Explorer 10 and has taken some heat from that decision from online ad companies.

Today, Microsoft announced the results of a new company-commissioned survey of over 1,000 people on the subject of online privacy. The survey results show that 45 percent of those who were polled feel they have little to no control over how their personal info is handled online. Only about 40 percent of those people who were surveyed feel they understand how to protect their privacy online.

In order to offer up more information about how Microsoft handles privacy features for its products, the company has launched a new website portal with information and videos on how Microsoft handles these kinds of features in IE10, Bing, Windows Phone 8 and Xbox. Microsoft also has a Personal Data Dashboard website which is a central location for the personal information on your Microsoft account.

The survey and the new web portal are launching ahead of Data Privacy Day, an annual day to offer information about online privacy measures that’s held on January 28th.